CAL FIRE Medal of Valor Honorees

Above And Beyond

The Medal of Valor is the highest honor bestowed by the State of California. The purpose of this award is to recognize State employees for extraordinary service. Recipients of the Medal of Valor are employees who have performed an extraordinary act of heroism far above and beyond the normal call of duty. They have put their lives at risk to render assistance to save human life or state property – sometimes the lives of civilians and sometimes the lives of their own colleagues. They have demonstrated acts of bravery and shown courage in the face of adversity.

James F. Allen 2008
Mort Allen 1998
Tena G. Anderson 2006
Dan Angel 1980
Eric R. Ayers 2008
Gene Bach 1998
Denis M. Boren 2003
Jacklyn Bowes, 2007
Steven Wayne Blythe, Jr 2010
Michael L. Brunson 2003
Corey Call 2008
Jack E. Campbell 1970
Louis Cannata 1993
Paul J. Carlos 2003
Michael A. Carr 2003
Raymond Chaney 2006
William C. Clark 1977
William R. Clayton 1998, 2006
Eric Connolly 2010
Robert Dashiell 1984
Kelley DeGifford, 2007
Dave Deleon 2010
James D. Dougherty 1970
Vernon L. Dupper 1959
Kyle Joseph Efflandt 2010
Ron Eldridge 2010
Ken Eller 1987
Bill Fisher 1998
Steve Gallegos 2017
Rickey Lee Gibble 2010
Felipe Gomez 2003
Robert F. Green 2006
Wesley D. Grim 2008
Stephen C. Guarino 2009
John Guhl 2008
Joe G. Haggard 1967
Kenneth Hamilton 1970
Dave Harden 1984
Mike Harkness 1998
Jeffrey M. Hawkins 2003
Charles M. Heinback, Jr. 1986
Ryan John Hollowell 2010
Rhett Imperiale 2010
Franklin T. Johnson 2008
David W. Junette 2006
Thomas J. Kennelly 1959
Will Krings 2003
Lynne Lenell 1998
Ray Richard Little 1974
Neil Logan 1985
Timothy Main 2006
Tom (Harold) Mansur 1996
Bob Martinez 1996
William (Bill) F. Mason 2006

James F. Mathias 2003
Thomas McConnel 2006
Kurt McCray 2010
Andy McDaniel 1998
George McGuire 1970
Antonio Medina 2010
Eric J. Miller 1993
Richard (Rick) Moore, 2007
James C. Mower 1970
Mike Newel 1998
Len Nielson 2010
Sean P. Norman 2003
Don Norris 1991
Kevin O'Leary 2006
Thomas W. Oldag 2003
Flint Oliver 1996
Ignacio Otero, 2007
Robert E. Paulus 2001
John A. Pfeifer 1962
Gerald Quigley 1970
James Rajskup 2006
Adam Ricketts 2010
James Rissmiller 2006
John Robbins 1984
Mark Rodgers 2010
Amador Rodriquez 1993
Ray Russell 1987
Darryl R. Sanford 2003
Chuck Santone 2010
Joe Saunders 2003
Daniel W. Schott 1983
Chris Schrowe 1982
Carl Schwettmann, Jr. 2008
Joel Semple 1982
David Shew, 2007
Michael Sifuentes 1995
John C. Sleppy 1969
Donald Smith 1994
William Smith, 2007
Jack Story 1998
Alfredo Danny Suarez 2010
Delbert Tate 1970
Craig Tolmie 2010
Steven Van Heertum 2017
Stephen Vaughn 1983
Mike Velasquez 1987
Dan Ward 1984
Joseph W. Waterman 2006
James R. Wattenburger 1989
Patti K. West 2006
Fredrick Westrip 2006
Donald Woods 1971
Jeff Young 2009
Bryan Zollner 1998

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