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Fallen Heroes

You will find the names of the CAL FIRE firefighters below on the California Firefighters' Memorial located on the east side of Capitol Park in Sacramento. The centerpiece of the memorial is a wall displaying the names of more than 900 firefighters that have given their lives since California became a state in 1850.

Murrell Agenbroad
Steve M. Arrollado
Ted Bell, Jr.
Paul Belveal
William P. Benedict
Roger Bookout
Leo Boyd
Richard M. Boyd
James Rick Braden
Robert L. Buc
Joseph Calandra
Don Campbell
James Carlisle
John Carter
Vernon Cassel
Don J. Christensen
Dennis Conner
Ernie P. Covington
Scott Cox
John A. Cross
Denis Lee Cullins
Gerald Davis
Elwyn F. Delphia
Lynn R. Douglas
James P. Eakin
Gayle E. Eaton
Harry C. Eitzen, Jr.
Kenneth Earl Enslow
Richard J. Ernest
Michael Fagan
Victor Ferrara
Alvin E. Frost
Leroy Gann
Rudy Gaub
Henry Gaub
Larry Groff
John D. Guthrie
Francis Hacket
Larry Hamilton
Colin L. Haywood
James E. Heinser
Patrick Henry
Antonio Hernandez
Victor Hernandez
Larry Higgins
Danny E. Hime

Earl J. Holsapple
Timothy J. Holsinger
Joe Holstine
Christopher A. Johnson, Sr.
Donn Johnson
Joe W. Johnston
Chris Kanton
Herb Kantor
Scott Karnitz
David S. Keeney
Franklyn C. Knapp-Smith
Richard S. Krejci
John J. Lehre
William J. Leslie, Jr.
Clarence R. Lind
James M. Lippitt
Ronald T. Lorant
Arlen Love
Frank Lovinguth
Horace E. Lowrey
Michael Macy, Sr.
Steve R. Manley
Edwin M. Marty
Michael Mattioda
Edgar McCafferty
David McKenzie
Edward W. McKinney
Terrance Meagher
Bruce Mecchi
Leo J. Mechan, Jr.
Melvon L. Miller
Dick Miller
Ronald A. Moran
Robert J. Morrison
Samuel P. Morrison
Ralph Morton
Gordon Moss
Gary Nagel
Paul J. Nesgis
George A. Norton
Jerome D. O’Leary
Edward Ordner
Gerald O’Reilly
Sam Perona
John L. Perrault

Aaron Perry
Joe Pryatel
Robert H. Quentin
Richard L. Ranck
Lou Randall
Dick Ray
Ed Real
Dana Reddish
Ira Richardson Jr.
Dennis W. Rickard
Joseph Robert
Richard Rodgers
Harry A. Rucker
Robert Rutherford
Scott Sanford
Robert Savaria
Eva Schicke
Kenneth Lee Schmutz
William W. Sears
Herbert E. Segress
Lloyd Shellabarger
Edward Simpson
Stanley E. Smith
Roger Stark
Robert Stone
Lars B. Stratte
Deems T. Taylor
George Martin Teague
Michael C. Thompson
Raymond William Trygar,III
Foster Vernon
Gerald Vosburgh
George W. Wallace
Bill Wally
Alvin B. Walters
Paul F. Wearing
Bruce Weatherbee
Jack Wiest
Matthew R. Will
George Willett
Glenn Williams
Carl M. Wolf
Wanda Woods
Robert E. Van Wormer
Shawn D. Zaremba
Bryan K. Zollner

In addition there are five names CAL FIRE is currently working on having added to the Memorial Wall:

Frank Troutman
Lincoln “Ben” Reynard
Gerald O. Bryant
Robert Hill
Geoffrey "Craig" Hunt




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