Stop, Drop and Roll and Cover Your Face

Do you know what to do if your clothes catch on fire? Knowing what to do in the event that you or someone else's clothing catches on fire can save lives. Be sure that kids know how to properly Stop, Drop and Roll. Help them understand the difference of what to do if their clothing catches on fire and what to do if the smoke alarm sounds.

What to do if your clothes catch on fire:

1. STOP! Do not run.

2. DROP to the ground.

3. ROLL and cover your face with your hands. Keep your legs straight and roll over and over and back and forth to put the fire out.


  • Stop, Drop and Roll is used when clothing catches fire.
  • A blanket or towel can help you or others smother flames.
  • Using Stop, Drop and Roll under the wrong circumstances could be very dangerous. Make sure kids know the difference between when to use Stop, Drop and Roll, for a burn injry, and when to go outside outside when the smoke alarm sounds.
  • Children should stay away from things that can catch clothing on fire, such as matches, lighters, fireplaces, heaters, grills or gasoline.
  • If you or someone else does catch fire, call 911 right away for help.

Lesson plan for children (NFPA)

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