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FCAT is under the leadership of CAL FIRE, the California Natural Resources Agency and the California Environmental Protectoin Agency.

FCAT has established four subcommittees to address the work at hand:

  1. Inventory Subcommittee
    • Continue any needed work to refine, improve, and maintain the forest inventory
    • Design queries for carbon data by ownership type and by region
    • Evaluate GHG emission and carbon sequestration trends for different forest land    ownership types, different types of management activities, and risk factors (fire, insects, disease, changing precipitation regimes)
  2. Co-benefits Subcommittee
    • Identify near-term and long-term actions necessary to meet quantitative planning targets while ensuring forest resilience and health, ecosystem services, conservation of the forest land base, and continued economic activities
    • Consider identifying regional co-benefits
    • Develop recommended metrics for measuring/reporting co-benefits (e.g. for any grants that might be available for implementation of the Forest Carbon Plan)
  3. State and Federal Lands Issues Subcommittee
    • Identify unique challenges and opportunities to engage and coordinate with state and federal land managers in CA to accomplish goals of Forest Carbon Plan
    • Report on how federal and state land management plans align or do not align with state forest climate polices/goals
    • Report on opportunities for joint efforts especially on adjacent state and federal lands
  4. Policy Subcommittee
    • Consider input and recommendations from the Science Advisory Panel re: developing work being done by the Resource Economics Study consultants
    • Consider input and recommendations from the Inventory Subcommittee re: results of queries on carbon data by ownership type and by regions
    • Fully integrate work of co-benefits, state and federal lands issues, and funding subcommittees
    • Design near-term, mid-term and long-term quantitative planning targets to ensure increase in net forest carbon storage in CA (recognizing inherent challenges associated with such targets in light of mixed jurisdiction over forest land base in CA)
    • Consider sub-targets by ownership type or region