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The concept of a Forest Carbon Plan was identified as a key recommendation in the Natural and Working Lands section of the May, 2014 updated scoping plan.
As described in the updated scoping plan, a forest carbon plan would be prepared and published in 2016, that would:

* Set quantitative near-term, mid-term, and long-term planning targets to ensure an increase in net forest carbon storage in California commensurate with the State’s long-term GHG reduction goals, and in light of recent research that suggest that forests in California may be a source of GHG emissions rather than a carbon sink.

* Identify near-term and long-term actions necessary to meet quantitative planning targets while ensuring forest resilience and health, ecosystem services, conservation of the forest land base, and continued economic opportunities.

* Evaluate GHG emission and carbon sequestration trends for different forest land ownership types and consider sector sub-targets for each type.

* Develop specific recommendations regarding approaches for funding actions to ensure that forests in California provide net long-term carbon storage.

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