Monterey County FHSZ Map

Monterey County FHSZ Map


State Responsibility Area (SRA):

Adopted, 11/2007:
PDF (38 inches x 35 inches; 6.8MB)
JPG (8.5 inches x 11 inches; 1.1MB)

GIS layer (Shapefiles in .zip folder)


Local Responsibility Area (LRA):

Recommended, 11/2008:
PDF (38 inches x 35.5 inches; 8.7MB)
JPG (8.5 inches x 11 inches; 1.4MB)

GIS layer (Shapefiles in .zip folder)

Draft, 9/2007:
PDF (38 inches x 35.5 inches; 7.1MB)
JPG (8.5 inches x 11 inches; 1.2MB)

GIS layer (Shapefiles in .zip folder)

Recommended VHFHSZ City and Other Local Agency Maps

Note: In the default display for city maps, all areas outside of the city boundary are masked out. To remove the mask, click the "Layers" tab in the left margin. Then click the eye icon next to "City Mask."

Carmel by the Sea (PDF; 2.5MB)
Monterey (PDF; 3.8MB)
Pacific Grove (PDF; 2MB)

For city and local agency data, please refer to county data above under Recommended LRA.


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