Cooperative Efforts

In a State as large and populated as California, no one emergency response agency can do it all. That is why cooperative efforts via contracts and agreements between state, federal and local agencies are essential in response to emergencies like wildland and structure fires, floods, earthquakes, hazardous material spills, and medical aids.

The CAL FIRE Cooperative Fire Protection Program staff are responsible for coordinating those agreements and contracts for the Department. It is because of these cooperative efforts that you may see fire engines and firefighters from different agencies at the scene of an emergency, working under a unified command relationship.

It is also because of these agreements that CAL FIRE may be the department responsible for providing dispatch, paramedic, fire, and rescue services in numerous cities and towns that are not designated as state responsibility throughout California.

·Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) Grant

The Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) Program is a Federally-funded grant program that allows California to provide local and rural fire departments with minor firefighting, training, communications and safety equipment for their volunteer firefighters. The VFA Program is not intended for major equipment (fire engines, vehicles, etc) or Capital repairs. The VFA Program has a 50/50 match requirement which means that the applying department must be able to meet the intended grant award, dollar for dollar. Awards for departments are set at a minimum of $500 with a maximum of $20,000. Amounts may be adjusted based on the grant funding available. For additional information please contact Megan Esfandiary at or Doug Ferro at


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