CAL FIRE offers several grant opportunities available through three programs: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds (GGRF), State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund (SRAFPF) and Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA).

2016-2017 State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund (SRAFPF) and Tree Mortality (TM) Grant Program

SRA Fire Prevention Fund - Projects are aimed at reducing the wildfire effects on structures in State Responsibility Areas (SRA).

CAL FIRE Announces Additional Fire Prevention Fund Grants

Greehouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) Grants

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Grant Awardees

The 2014-2015 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds (GGRF) application period is closed. There are no 2015-2016 GGRF grant funds available. Future funding opportunities will be updated on this webpage as they become available.

GGRF Procedural Guidelines have been updated as of April 30, 2015. GGRF Procedural Guidelines for the Demonstration State Forest Research, Forest Pest Control, Fuels Reduction, CFIP Fuels Reduction, CFIP Reforestation, and Watershed Reforestation and Restoration grants have been updated as of April 30, 2015.

- The document titled “Guidance on Methods  for Evaluation of GHG Emission Reductions for Programs in the CAL FIRE Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund” was posted on March 3, 2015.
- A new GGRF Question and Answer document has been posted.



Grants for a variety of projects that provide for expansion and better management of urban forests.

Fuels Reduction


Grants and cost share agreements for selective removal and utilization of vegetation to reduce wildfire hazards.

Reforestation Services


Grants and cost share agreements to plant forest trees.

Forest Legacy Program


Grants for conservation easements for landowners through CAL FIRE’s Forest Legacy Program.

Forest Pest Control


Grants for timber stand improvement/forest health, removal of dead trees, restoration of damaged forests, and utilization of vegetation as a renewable energy source.

Forest Practice Program


Grants for development of the Programmatic Timber Environmental Impact Reports for improved timber management practices. To be announced pending Board of Forestry and Fire Protection regulatory action.

Demonstration State Forests Research


Research grants for greenhouse gas reduction projects and carbon sequestration enhancement.

2015-2016 Fire Prevention Fund (FPF) Drought Related Grants

SRA Fire Prevention Fund - Projects are aimed at reducing the wildfire effects on structures in State Responsibility Areas (SRA).

Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) Grants

Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) Grant - A Federally-funded grant program that allows California to provide local and rural fire departments with minor firefighting, training, communications and safety equipment for their volunteer firefighters. The 2016 VFA application period is now closed.

Outside Grant Resources

Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program (EEMP)

Grant and Loan Programs within the Natural Resources Agency

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