Forest Health Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) Grants

The Forest Health GGRF Grant Program will use funds provided by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund for California Climate Investments administered by CAL FIRE.  Through the Forest Health GGRF Grant Program, CAL FIRE funds and implements projects to proactively restore forest health in order to reduce greenhouse gases, to protect upper watersheds where the state’s water supply originates, to promote the long-term storage of carbon in forest trees and soils, minimize the loss of forest carbon from large, intense wildfires, and to further the goals of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (Assembly Bill 32, Health and Safety Code Section 38500 et seq.) (AB 32). 

Forest Health GGRF Grant projects must focus on large, landscape-scale forestlands composed of one or more landowners, which may cover multiple jurisdictions. Projects must be comprised of logical management units and greater consideration will be given to organizations with a proven record of success in achieving consensus-based solutions between stakeholder groups with different priorities and perspectives. These organizations are expected to handle many of the logistical tasks involved in contacting and recruiting a large number of landowners for these cooperative landscape level projects.

Forest Health GGRF Grant projects may include reforestation, fuel reduction, pest management, conservation, and biomass utilization intended to increase forest health, increase carbon storage in forests, reduce wildfire emissions and protect upper watersheds, where much of the State’s water supply originates. Projects that implement a mix of these activities, with multiple partners will be given priority. Eligible applicants include federal land management agencies (excluding conservation easements), state land management agencies, Native American tribes, private forest landowners, resource conservation districts, fire safe councils, land trusts, landowner organizations, conservation groups, and non-profit organizations.

What's New

2017-2018 CCI Forest Health Procedural Guide

2017-2018 Forest Health Concept Proposal

Archive of Forest Health Grants

2016/2017 CAL FIRE Forest Health Grant Guidelines

CAL FIRE CCI Forest Health Project Applicant PPT- Scoring

CAL FIRE CCI Forest Health Project Applicant PPT - Quantification

Forest Legacy Project Application Form (PDF)

Forest Health Project Application Form (PDF)

Forest Health Budget Detail (Excel)

Forest Health Project Resolution Required Format (Word)

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Forest Health Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Forest Health Concept Proposal (*Note: this form must be downloaded to be viewable/fillable.)

Forest Health Workshop Presentation

The California Air Resources Board (ARB), in consultation with CAL FIRE, has developed a greenhouse gas (GHG) quantification methodology for evaluation of proposed projects. More information can be found here. Answers to several frequently asked questions about the GHG quantification methodology are provided here.

CAL FIRE has developed a map of expected probability of fire occurrence for California, based upon work done at the University of California, for use in quantifying the GHG benefits of fuels reduction activities funded by GGRF. The Fire Occurrence Probability Map and Dataset is available here.

Comments on the Fire Occurrence Probability Map and Dataset can be emailed to through March 13, 2017. Hard copies should be sent to:
Tadashi Moody, Fire and Resource Assessment Program
Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
P.O. Box 944246, Sacramento, CA 94244-2460

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