License Timber Operators (LTOs)

Who are License Timber Operators?

License Timber Operators or "LTOs" are persons who have been licensed under the Forest Practice Act law and are authorized to conduct forest tree cutting and removal operations. LTOs must understand and comply with all laws relating to such tree cutting or removal.

What are the types of licenses?

Licensed Timber Operators have two different types of licenses depending on the kind of timber operations they are authorized to conduct. Licenses which begin with the letter "A" authorize the licensee to conduct any type of operations. Those licenses which begin with the letter "B" restrict the licensee to only the removal of minor forest products such as firewood and Christmas trees.

How does the law apply to tree cutting and removal?

California State Law requires that any person who cuts and removes forest trees in order to sell the logs, or to develop a building site on forest covered lands, must be a Licensed Timber Operator. Landowners must obtain a permit from the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection prior to allowing any cutting or removal to occur. (See for more information) In some cases, a Registered Professional Forester will be needed to complete the permit application. (See: RPF/CRM Rosters for more information)

How do I use the following list of Licensed Timber Operators?

The following list of License Timber Operators has been provided to assist anyone who wishes to contact a licensee. The list is divided into "A" licensees and "B" licensees, and ordered by city shown as shown on their license address. However, it should be noted that LTOs often work at large distances from their headquarters location.

What's New

LTO Program New Hires- New (1/25/2016)
The Timber Operator Licensing Program has a new program coordinator, Ruby Idmilao and a new program supervisor, Cary Japp. Ruby started her new position in December 2015. She will be processing new LTO applications and renewals as they are received and answering any questions you may have about the timber operator license program. Ruby can be contacted at the LTO program email address and at the phone number provided on the lower right hand side of this web page. If you wish to contact Cary Japp, the program supervisor, his email address is

An additiona LTO class will be offered through the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference. The class will be held on February 9th and 10th from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can register for the class through the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference (SCLC) by contacting:

Monte Adams, Executive Director
Phone: 530-222-1290(Office)
Phone: 530-222-7176 (cell)
Fax: 530-222-1320
Website: Sierra Cascade Expo

2016 LTO Training Class Schedule Now Available - Updated (1/25//2016)

Please note: This listing is provided solely for information to the public, and the department makes no claim as to the accuracy of the information provided nor does it make any recommendation of these licensees. The list is updated on a regular basis with the best available information and is only valid on the day it is posted. Any user of the list should, at a minimum, confirm that the license is still valid, and that the licensee has all the necessary insurance coverage before agreeing to engage a licensee.

Valid LTO Listing - Updated (4/25/16)


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