Explanation of THP Information

The THP Numbering System
Tentative End of Public Comment, Ext., and Public Comment Period Closed
Total Acres
CAL-Water Watershed ID

The THP Numbering System

Example THP Number: THP 2-00-001-PLU2

2 Designates which CAL FIRE Area office processed the THP
    1 - Santa Rosa
    2 - Redding
    3 - Riverside
    4 - Fresno
00 Designates the calendar year in which the THP was first submitted for review
    00 = 2000
    99 = 1999
    98 = 1998 etc.
001 Designates the sequential number of the THP as it was submitted for the calendar year.

PLU Designates the county in which the THP is located

    ALA - Alameda
    ALP - Alpine
    AMA - Amador
    BUT - Butte
    CAL - Calaveras
    COL - Colusa
    CCA - Contra Costa
    DEL - Del Norte
    ELD - El Dorado
    FRE - Fresno
    GLE - Glenn
    HUM - Humboldt
    IMP - Imperial
    INY - Inyo
    KER - Kern
    KIN - Kings
    LAS - Lassen
    LAN - Los Angeles
    LAK - Lake
    MAD - Madera
    MAN - Marin
    MAR - Mariposa
    MEN - Mendocino
    MER - Merced
    MOD - Modoc
    MOO - Mono
    MON - Monterey
    NAP - Napa
    NEV - Nevada
    ORA - Orange
    PLA - Placer
    PLU - Plumas
    RIV - Riverside
    SAC - Sacramento
    SBO - San Benito
    SBR - San Bernardino

    SDO - San Diego
    SFO - San Francisco
    SJN - San Joaquin
    SLO - San Luis Obispo
    SMO - San Mateo
    SBA - Santa Barbara
    SCL - Santa Clara
    SCR - Santa Cruz
    SHA - Shasta
    SIE - Sierra
    SIS - Siskiyou
    SOL - Solano
    SON - Sonoma
    STA - Stanislaus
    SUT - Sutter
    TEH - Tehama
    TRI - Trinity
    TUL - Tulare
    TUO - Tuolumne
    VEN - Ventura
    YOL - Yolo
    YUB - Yuba

2 Designates the CAL FIRE Unit responsible for administering the THP

    CAL FIRE Area Office
    Phone Number
    Santa Rosa
    1 = Mendocino Unit
    2 = Humboldt Del Norte Unit
    4 = Sonoma Lake Napa Unit
    6 = Santa Clara Unit
    7 = San Mateo Santa Cruz Unit
    1 = Butte Unit
    2 = Lassen Modoc Unit
    3 = Nevada Yuba Placer Unit
    4 = Shasta Trinity Unit
    5 = Tehama Glenn Unit
    6 = Siskiyou Unit
    1 = Riverside Unit
    3 = San Diego Unit
    4 = San Luis Obispo Unit
    5 = San Bernardino Unit
    1 = Tulare Unit
    2 = Madera Mariposa Unit
    3 = Fresno Kings Unit
    4 = Tuolumne Calaveras Unit
    5 = Amador Eldorado Unit
    6 = San Benito Monterey Unit

The date the THP was received by CAL FIRE.


The date CAL FIRE found the THP to be accurate, complete, and in proper order following a first review. When a plan is "filed" it is considered ready for a detailed review, including on-site inspections. See THP Review Process.

Tentative End of Public Comment, Ext., and Public Comment Period Closed

Once the Pre-Harvest Inspection (PHI) has been conducted, the Tentative End of Public Comment column will be updated to reflect the legally-mandated 30 day period.

Frequently, the public comment period is extended beyond the legal standard 30 days due to unresolved issues that come up during the THP review process.

The PHI may also be extended due to scheduling issues. Until the PHI is conducted, the Tentative End of Public Comment date will not be revised.

A check mark in the Extension column indicates that an extension of the public comment period has been granted, or a request to extend the public comment period is presently being sought.

If there is a check in the Extension column, the public comment period is still open but may close at any time whether or not the Tentative End of Public Comment date is in the future or in the past.

For exact information on the status of the public comment period, please contact the applicable area office.


This is the date the THP was approved by the CAL FIRE Director.

Total Acres

The total acres included in the THP.

CAL-Water Watershed ID

Watersheds in California that average between 3,000 and 10,000 acres are identified by CALWATER planning watershed numbers. These numbers indicate the name and location of a watershed. For detailed information about CALWATER see the California Interagency Watershed Mapping Committee homepage.


This is a legal description that provides information about the location of the THP using township and range system. See Legal Location Descriptions.


People or entities who own the timberland contained in the THP.


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