Project Reporting Flow Chart

1a. Conservative-based forest management
1b. Reforestation
1c. Conservation Projects
    2. Determine project boundaries and create an ownership summary    
    3. Confirm that your project meets the eligibility requirement: perpetual cons. easement; native forests, etc.    
4a. Report starting with current year  
  4b. Select a historic initiation date from 1990 to present

5a. Cons based For. Mgt,: Use For. Pract. Act & Rules   5b. Reforestation: Must 1. area previously forested, 2. out of prod. for 10 years, 3. no laws requiring   5c. Conservation: 1. document site specific threat, 2. demonstrated threat

    6. Assess Activity for Shifting Leakage (Annex A)
        Assess Market Leakage and other effects (optional)
    7. Complete Registry Pre-Screening Sheet; determine eligibility
    8. Develop and describe sampling methodologies for required pools.    
9a. Estimate carbon in all required pools (living trees, standing and down biomass)       9b. Estimate carbon in optional pools (wood products, litter/duff, soil)
    10. Summarize carbon pools and calculate total carbon.    
    11. Report project activity to the Registry on an annual basis, report carbon stock estimated, management plans and disturbances.    
    12. Report Entity information to the Registry. Use forestry sector protocols for biological emissions and the general protocols for non-biological emissions.    
    13. Hire approved Certifier and confirm results. Full assessments including direct sampling will take place years 1 and 5. Review or monitoring reports in years 2 and 4.    

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