Giant Sequioa Ecology Cooperative

In 2000, the State Forests Research Program partnered with the Save-The-Redwoods-League (SRL) to produce a web site for the Giant Sequoia Ecology Cooperative. SRL developed the site, contributing funds and staff time, and CDF contributed funds through our research grant program. While the group no longer meets, the Giant Sequoia section exists as a legacy site that contains useful information regarding giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum).

Welcome to the home page for the Giant Sequoia Ecology Cooperative.

The purpose of this web site is to foster communication between members of the Giant Sequoia Ecology Cooperative and to share information regarding giant sequoia with all interested parties.  The strategic goals of the Giant Sequoia Ecology Cooperative are to: 

A. develop a comprehensive long-term strategic research program, with a focus on the giant sequoia-mixed conifer ecosystems;

B. incorporate quality science into the land management decision-making process;

C. provide managers with objective, clear, and high quality ecological data in a format that can be shared between agencies;

D. identify areas where scientific knowledge is inadequate and initiate appropriate studies;

E. demonstrate to both the public and managers the applications of existing ecological knowledge to practical land management problems;

F. increase research and management efficiency by avoiding duplication of effort and encouraging the synergism inherent in interagency diversity;

G. monitor and evaluate the outcomes of various management activities, especially where different methods can be used to accomplish similar objectives;

H. provide the infrastructure to carry on work initiated by, and test management scenarios of, the Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project; and

I. develop an educational outreach effort, directed to land managers and the public, on ecological processes and management of giant sequoia ecosystems.

Giant Sequoia Ecology Cooperative Memorandum of Understanding-Proposed Renewal July 2000

Agreement to renew the MOU for the Giant Sequoia Ecology Cooperative established in 1995 for leadership in applied research on the ecology of giant sequoia-mixed conifer forests.

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