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This page contains maps, important documents, and links to giant sequoia information on the web.

Maps and GIS Data

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks: Departure from Historic Fire Return Interval

A map showing sequoia groves in Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP and their relative condition as it relates to the natural fire regime.

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks: Fire History and Management Maps

"These maps and accompanying text show prescribed natural fires, suppressed lightning fires, human-caused wildfires, and planned and completed prescribed burns in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks." These maps are in Acrobat PDF format.

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks: Giant Sequoia Groves Map

Map shows the locations of Cedar Grove, Grant Grove, Giant Forest and Mineral King.

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks: GIS Fire Data

"The GIS data available here are helpful in visualizing the fire regimes within these parks during the last 75 years. They can be queried in different ways to extract fire information based on attribute characteristics..."


This web site offers aerial photographs, topographical and relief maps, and satellite images for areas spanning the globe.

University of California Center for Forestry: Whitaker Forest

Whitaker Forest (University of California, Center for Forestry). 

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Web Sites

USDA Forest Service: Sierra Nevada Framework for Conservation and Collaboration

"In 1992 a Presidential Proclamation identified the Giant Sequoia groves in the Sequoia and Sierra National Forests as national treasures to be protected for the enjoyment of current and future generations. The Giant Sequoia Management Plan laid the foundation for protecting and managing these treasures on national forest system lands." 

Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project

This web site contains an index of online SNEP documents, information on SNEP maps and data, and project information.

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An Ecological Foundation For Management of National Forest Giant Sequoia Ecosystems (D.D.Piirto and R.R. Rogers)

"Key ecosystem elements, environmental indicators, and reference variability are discussed in this paper.  These key elements and associated indicators are thought to be adequate to define and control management activities designed to protect, preserve, and restore national forest giant sequoia groves for the benefit of present and future generations." Document in pdf format.

Giant sequoia gee whiz facts (Robert R. Rogers)

Information on the size, location, and number of giant sequoia groves in California.

Incorporating a GIS Model of Ecological Need into Fire Management Planning (Keifer, Caprio, Lineback and Folger)

"Land managers are mandated to protect the ecological integrity and health of the lands they manage.  Based on research identifying fire as a keystone natural process within the Sierra Nevada in California, restoring fire in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks has been an important management goal.  Keywords: fire management planning, fire return interval, GIS, ecological need, hazard, risk". Document in pdf format.

Mediated Settlement Agreement for Sequoia National Forest, Section B. Giant Sequoia Groves: An Evaluation (Elliott-Fisk, Stephens, Aubert, Murphy and Schaber) 

"The Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project (SNEP) was charged with examining the Mediated Settlement Agreement for the Sequoia National Forest (MSA), Section B, Sequoia Groves (Sequoia National Forest, 1990;) and making 'recommendations' for scientifically-based mapping and management of giant sequoia groves and those additional lands, if any, needed to ensure the long-term health and survival of giant sequoia ecosystems."  Document contains a map and detailed list of 73 giant sequoia groves.  Document in pdf format.

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