Airbase Relocation

2005 Evaluation 

  • Complete Airbase Relocation Evaluation as one file (PDF) (Coming soon)
  • Cover, Introduction and Table of Contents (PDF) (Coming soon)
  • March Air Reserve Base from 30,000 feet (PDF) (Coming soon)
  • Hemet-Ryan Air Base from 30,000 feet (PDF) (Coming soon)
  • Comparison of March Air Reserve Base and Hemet-Ryan Airbase (PDF) (Coming soon)
  • Hemet/March Relocation Review: Aviation Safety and Technical Analysis (PDF) (Coming soon)
  • Assessing current fire protection capability of two different air base locations (PDF) (Coming soon)
  • Hemet-Ryan AAB Capital Outlay Project: Relocation or Replacement Analysis (PDF) (Coming soon)
  • Potential Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan issues at the two air bases (PDF) (Coming soon)
  • Riverside Unit Fire Management Plan 2005 (posted June 16, 2005) (PDF) (Coming soon)
  • July 18, 2005 letter introducing draft air base report (PDF) (Coming soon)
  • Air Attack Base Location Analysis, Riverside County July 18, 2005. Draft report submitted by Craig Anthony (PDF) (Coming soon)
  • E-mail of Hemet-Ryan air base questions from Mike Jarvis to Rob Field (PDF) (Coming soon)
  • Response by Rob Field to questions (PDF) (Coming soon)