L.A. Moran Reforestation Center

CAL FIRE provides a substantial seed bank as insurance against poor seed crop years and for providing the widest possible genetic variety of forest tree species. This long-term depository contributes to the restoration of native trees lost to wildfire, insects, and disease; avoiding losses of tree species threatened with extirpation or extinction; and mitigates the uncertainties associated with tree species and forest ecosystem adaptation to climate change. The seed bank is located in the L.A. Moran Reforestation Center (LAMRC) in Yolo County in Davis, California. LAMRC specializes in forest tree cone and seed processing and seed bank storage.  CAL FIRE staff at the center continues to provide technical assistance to the forest industry, other agencies, and private landowners on cone and seed matters and seed collection activities. Cone and seed processing services are available at rates set by the State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection.  Please contact the L.A. Moran Reforestation Center staff for information about cone and seed processing, seed availability for approved projects, and private nursery resources.

General Inquiries:

Anthony Lukacic, 707-486-6408

L.A. Moran Reforestation Center Manager 

Cone and Seed Inquiries:

Jessica Huang, 530-565-6506

Seed Bank Manager

Nursery and Seedling Inquiries:

Kuldeep Singh, 530-723-2222

Nursery Manager 

Update on the CAL FIRE nurseries, seedling production and availability:
In 2011 CAL FIRE ceased all nursery operations due to ongoing state budget reductions. This closure had profound effects on the production of conifer seedlings for private landowners.  CAL FIRE and the Board of Forestry continue to evaluate strategies for providing nursery and reforestation services for the state's public and private forests, consistent with statutory authorities. Central to these efforts are the identification of new funding sources or partnerships to support these operations. A recent partnership involving the United States Forest Service (USFS), El Dorado Resource Conservation District and CAL FIRE is providing preordered seedlings to be sold to private landowners. These seedlings are pre-ordered for delivery one year in the future with seeds provided by CAL FIRE and the USFS providing the growing space. Each year, CAL FIRE will also prepare a speculation seed order that will make it easier and faster for landowners to purchase seed zone adapted seedlings.

CAL FIRE is currently in the process of re-starting the Nursery Program at the L. A. Moran Reforestation Center.  Work has begun to re-store two existing greenhouses located at the Reforestation Center with a new Greenhouse to be constructed during the summer/fall of 2020.  The two restored greenhouses should be ready to use in time for the 2020 sowing season beginning in March of 2020.  Seedlings to be grown will focus on those areas affected by the tree mortality in the Southern Sierra and the recent wildfires that occurred in Northern California.  CAL FIRE will also continue to partner with the USFS and the El Dorado Resource Conservation District to also provide seedlings for affected landowners.

Please contact your local CAL FIRE Unit Forester, a Registered Professional Forester, or manager of LAMRC for the most recent information on seedling availability through private nurseries and/or the El Dorado Resource Conservation District.