Last Updated
06/14/2013 3:45 PM
Date Started
06/10/2013 12:46 AM
Date Contained
06/14/2013 3:45 PM
Location Information
throughout Sonoma, Solano, Lake & Colusa Counties
Latitude / Longitude
Admin Unit
CAL FIRE Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit

Status Update

Situation Summary

Current Situation: 28 remote wildland fires, ranging from a single tree to 4 acres are now 100% contained.

The wildland fires were reported early in the morning of June 10 through last report of June 12, in the late afternoon.

Wildfire location by county:
Sonoma County - 20 fires
Areas: Healdsburg - Chalk Hill Road, East of Santa Rosa - Mountain Home Ranch Road, Geyserville/Knights Valley, Sea Ranch, Cazadero - Mohrhardt Ridge Road, Bohemian Grove – Stoetz Lane, Occidental and Mount Jackson.

Solano County – 4 fires
Areas: North of Vacaville - Cantelow Road, Northeast of Vacaville - Pleasant Valley Road, Northwest of Vacaville - Quail Canyon Road and Pleasant Valley.

Lake County – 3 fires
Areas: North of Upper Lake - Elk Mountain Road, Northeast of Upper Lake - Clover Valley Road.

Colusa County – 1 fire
Area: West of Williams - Leesville-Ladoga Road.

Agency Information

CAL FIRE Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit