Established based on 2018 Senate Bill 901, the Wildfire Resilience Program is tasked with assisting nonindustrial timberland owners with wildfire resilience efforts by providing technical and financial assistance for their forest management needs. The Wildfire Resilience Program includes several state forestry assistance programs within CAL FIRE that share the goal of improving the health and productivity of private forest lands and reducing the threat posed from wildland fires. 

Wildfire Resilience Sub-Programs

The Forest Legacy Program protects environmentally important forest land threatened with conversion to non-forest uses by providing funding for purchase of working forest conservation easements or fee title to willing sellers of forested lands.

The Forest Stewardship Program offers technical and financial assistance opportunities to assist individual landowners with land management planning, conservation practices to enhance wildlife habitat, and practices to enhance the productivity of their forested land.

The L.A. Moran Reforestation Center specializes in cone processing and seed storage as well as nursery grown, native tree seedlings which combine to provide private landowners with the seeds and seedlings needed to restore forests lost to pest, disease or wildfires.

California Forest Improvement Program (CFIP)

Encouraging private and public investment in, and improved management of, California forest lands and resourcesCost-share assistance is provided to private and public ownerships containing 20 to 5,000 acres of forest land. 

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Stewart McMorrow

Staff Chief Wildfire Resilience Program
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