Incident Update Caldor Fire

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7:24 AM

Incident Facts

Caldor Fire
Start Date/Time
Incident Status
East of Omo Ranch, South of the community of Grizzly Flats
Under Investigation
El Dorado
Administration Unit
Unified Command: CAL FIRE Amador-El Dorado Unit and El Dorado National Forest
Unified Command Agency(s)
Structures Threatened
Structures Destroyed
Structures Damaged
Civilian Injuries
Firefighter Injuries
Civilian Fatalities
Firefighter Fatalities

Current Situation

Situation Summary

WEST ZONE Situation Summary:

The fire behavior moderated overnight allowing firefighters to pick up spots that occurred during the day. Some fire growth occurred in the steep, challenging terrain along the northeast and south ends of the fire perimeter. Poor humidity recovery and warmer temperatures last night allowed some interior islands to burn but crews actively patrolled to mitigate any threats to structures. Today firefighters will continue mopping up and building more control lines. Damage inspections continue with approximately 85% of structures assessed.

To better provide public and firefighter safety due to extreme fire conditions throughout Northern California, and strained firefighter resources throughout the Country, the USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region is announcing a temporary closure of all National Forests in California. The closure order can be found at

EAST ZONE Situation Summary:

Firefighters continued to work tirelessly throughout the night, patrolling and holding the fire at current perimeters. Crews continued the aggressive direct attack, mop-up, and building upon previously constructed handling.

In the areas of upper and lower Echo Lake, the fire activity was minimal. The crews continued mop-up and patrol.

In Meyers and Christmas Valley, the fire continued to creep and smolder in the interior sections. Crews mopped up and improved the containment line in addition to patrolling around the structures.

Near Trimmer Peak, night shift crews continued aggressive mop-up, holding the established line from Trimmer Rock to Fountain Place.
In the Scout Peak area, crews focused on securing and improving the hand line.

Around Caples Lake, crews continued direct handline construction and went into the fire's interior sections to extinguish hot spots.

Local Assistance Center: 

Address: 6699 Campus Drive, Placerville, CA 95667. Located at Folsom Lake Community College, El Dorado Campus, Fitness Center Building.

Monday-Friday       10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Wednesdays           1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday               10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Road Closures


Road Closures: 

  • Highway 88 is closed between Peddlers Ridge and the Highway 88/89 interchange.


  • Highway 50 is closed in both directions from the Sly Park Road exit to the California/Nevada stateline.
  • Highway 89 at the Placer County/ El Dorado County line in Tahoma

Evacuation Shelters


  • Green Valley Community Church (FULL)
    3500 Missouri Flat Road
    Placerville, CA
  • Cameron Park CSD
    2502 Country Club Drive
    Cameron Park, CA
  • Rolling Hills Church
    800 White Rock Road
    El Dorado Hills, CA


  • Truckee Veterans Hall
    10214 High Street
    Truckee, CA 96161


  • Reno-Sparks Convention Center
    4590 South Virginia Street, Reno

  • Fuji Park
    601 Clear Creek Rd., Carson City, NV

  • Carson City Community Center (FULL)
    851 E. William Street, Carson City, NV

    RV Dry Camping and Large Animals
  • Dayton Event Center/Rodeo Grounds
    500 Schaad Lane, Dayton, NV

  • Lyon County Fair Grounds
    100 95A East Yerington, NV

Animal Evacuation Centers


  • El Dorado County Animal Services (small animals)
    6435 Capitol Ave.
    Diamond Springs, CA
    For animal evacuation questions or assistance call (530) 621-5795
  • Saureel Vineyards (large animals) (FULL)
    1140 Cold Springs Road
    Placerville, CA
    (530) 621-5795


  • South County Large Animal Rescue (SCLAR)
    Amador County Fairgrounds (large and farm animals)
    El Dorado County residents only
    18621 Sherwood Street
    Plymouth, CA
  • Amador County Animal Response Team- ACART
    Amador County Fairgrounds (large and small animals)
    18621 Sherwood Street
    Plymouth, CA
    For Amador County residents only
    (209) 257-9444


  • East to West Grooming
    1368 Hwy 395, Unit B1, Gardnerville, NV
    - (Small Animals Only)

  • Washoe County Animal Services
    2825 Longley Ln, Ste A Reno, NV

  • Douglas County Fairgrounds- (Livestock)
    920 Dump Road, Gardnerville, NV
  • Douglas County Animal Services
    921 Dump Rd. Gardnerville, NV
    - (Small Animals Only)

Evacuation Zones

Evacuation Information:

Amador County Evacuations

Amador County Evacuation Orders:

  • Zone 4A- South of Highway 88 along the Amador-El Dorado County line from Dufrene Road, north of the line due East from Dufrene Road to the Amador -Alpine County line, West of the line due South from Highway 88 to the East end of Salt Springs Reservoir.
  • Zone 5A- South of Highway 88 along the Amador-El Dorado County line, north of the line due East from Dufrene Road to the Amador - Alpine County Line, East of the line due South from Highway 88 to the East end of Salt Springs Reservoir, West of the Amador - Alpine County line.

Amador County Evacuation Warnings:

  • Zone 4B- South of Dufrene Road due East to the Amador-Alpine County line, North of the Amador - Calaveras County Line, West of Panther Creek Road, East of the line due South from Highway 88 to the East end of the Salt Springs Reservoir.
  • Zone 5B- South of Dufrene Road due East to the Amador-Alpine County line, North of the Amador - Calaveras County line, West of the Amador - Alpine County line, East of the line due South from Highway 88 to the East end of the Salt Springs.

El Dorado County Evacuations

El Dorado County Evacuation Orders:

  • CALDOR - East of North South Road, West of Service Road 09N78A, North of the Middle Fork of the Cosumnes River, South of Caldor
  • CAPLES CREEK - This section is south of Highway 50 east of Kyburz up to 41 Milestone Tract and south all the way to Highway 88 between 1 mile east of Mormon Immigrant Trail up to Caples Lake following the county line.
  • CHRISTMAS VALLEY - East of Echo Summit following Highway 89 north through Christmas Valley (both sides of 89) east to the Alpine County Line. This area is south of Highway 50 except for the residences accessed from Chiapa which also included. This area also includes the streets connected to Mulberry, Elmwood and Cornelian.
  • CRYSTAL BASIN - North of Highway 50 from Ice House Road to Wrights Lake Road up to the Placer County Line to include Ice House Reservoir, Union Valley Reservoir, Wrights Lake, and Loon Lake.
  • DESOLATION - This section extends south of the Placer County line in the area of the Rubicon Trail between Spider Lake and Sourdough Hill and extends south into Desolation Wilderness all the way to Highway 50 to include the areas of Rockbound Lake, Rubicon Reservoir, Highland Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Schmidell Lake and Twin Lakes south to Highway 50 between Wrights Lake Road and Twin Bridges. The eastern edge of this area is in line with Clyde Lake and Pyramid Lake.
  • DESOLATION EAST - The area north of Echo Lake, following the Desolation Wilderness north staying west of Fallen Leaf Lake, Cascade Lake, and Emerald Bay up to the Placer County Line
  • DESOLATION NORTH - This is the area of Desolation Wilderness south of the Placer County Line extending to Emerald Bay, but staying within Desolation Wilderness.
  • DOGTOWN CREEK - The area east of Leoni Meadows, south of Leoni Road, and north of big mountain.
  • FALLEN LEAF - The area of Fallen Leaf Lake, Angora Lake, and the residences on Tahoe Mountain, extending west to the border of Desolation Wilderness.
  • GRIZZLY FLAT PROPER - The communities of Grizzly Flats and Blue Mountain remain Closed. South of the intersection of Cosumnes Mine Road and Sciaroni Road, North and East of the intersection of Grizzly Flat Road and Steely Road, West of the intersection of Capps Crossing Road and Cypress Point Drive.
  • HEAVENLY - East of Pioneer Trail between Larch and Al Tahoe, to include the area of Heavenly Ski Resort out to the Alpine County Line and the Nevada State line on the east.
  • HELL HOLE - Northeast of Highway 89, west of the Alpine County line, and south of Tahoe Paradise Golf Course.
  • MET TO HWY 88 - South of Mormon Emigrant Trail to Highway 88. West on Highway 88 to Hams Station.
  • MEYERS - All residences in Meyers North of Highway 89 and east of Highway 50 to include all streets accessed from Apache, Mandan, following Pioneer Trail northeast just past Elks Club.
  • NORTHEAST CAMINO AND NORTHWEST POLLOCK - North of Highway 50, South of Slab Creek Reservoir, East of Snows Road, West of Sly Park Road
  • NORTHEAST POLLOCK - North of Highway 50 between Forebay Road and Icehouse Road extending to the North to include Spring Valley Road.
  • PIONEER - This is the area north of Elks Club along Highway 50 and the west side Pioneer Trail, but also including the street of Hekpa, but excluding the residences west of the airport. This segment includes all residences accessed from Jicarilla, Washoan, and Glen Eagles. This also includes the Golden Bear neighborhood and the neighborhoods of Cold Creek Trail, High Meadows, Marshall Trail.
  • SOUTH ECHO - South of Highway 50 starting at Camp Sacramento to the top of Echo Summit then proceeding due south to the Alpine County Line.
  • SOUTHEAST POLLOCK - South of Highway 50 east of Sly Park Road, West of Ice House Road, North of MET
  • TRIMMER - The area east of Pioneer Trail to the Alpine County Line stopping south of Heavenly Ski Resort, excluding all residences off of Pioneer Trail.
  • US 50 SOUTH TO KYBURZ - South of Highway 50 from Ice House Road to Silver Fork Road, to include the community of Kyburz. East of Mormon Emigrant Trail to Highway 88
  • WASHOE MEADOWS - All streets accessed from North Upper Truckee Road which is north of Highway 50 stopping at Sawmill and Lake Tahoe Blvd on the north side. This includes all residences on Sawmill and the residences to the west of Highway 50 in Meyers to include Country Club, Bakersfield, East S, and Hopi.

El Dorado County Evacuation Warnings:

  • BARNEY RIDGE - North of Omo Ranch Road east to North South Road, crossing both sides of Sopiago Creek.
  • DRY LAKES - This section is north of Wentworth Springs Road up to the Placer County line and the remaining section of El Dorado County south of Placer County to Loon Lake.
  • GREATER GRIZZLY EAST - South of Mormon Emigrant Trail, West of North South Road, North of Omo Ranch Road, East of the intersection of Omo Ranch and Slug Gulch Road, South of the Community of Blue Mountain, East of the intersection of Capps Crossing Road and Cypress Point Road.
  • GRIZZLY FLAT WEST - East of Highway E16, west of Steely Ridge Road, south of the North Fork of the Cosumnes River & north of the Middle Fork of the Cosumnes River.
  • HAPPY VALLEY - All properties accessed from Happy Valley Road.
  • OMO RANCH - The area of the town of Omo Ranch south of the Middle fork of the Consumnes River, North of Omo Ranch Road from Slug Gulch Road to 8N54.
  • PI PI - East of North South Road from Omo Ranch to Cat Creek and east to Highway 88 1 mile east of Omo Ranch Road.
  • SOUTH LAKE TAHOE CITY LIMITS - from the Nevada State line west along Highway 50 to the Tahoe airport. Highway 89 from the city northwest to the city's edge at West Way. Also Pioneer Trail from state line west to Al Tahoe Blvd.
  • SOUTH OF WENTWORTH SPRINGS - North of Slab Creek to Wentworth Springs Road between Sand Mountain and Loon Lake.
  • SOUTH SLY PARK - South of Starkes Grade Road, north of Sly Park Creek, east of Pleasant Valley Road up to and including the Diamond Garnet subdivision.
  • SOUTHEAST CAMINO AND SOUTHWEST POLLOCK - The area described as South of US Highway 50, North of Starkes Grade Road, East of Snows Road, and West of Fresh Pond.
  • TAHOMA / NORTH OF THE CITY OF SOUTH LAKE TAHOE - All properties on the east (lake side) of Highway 89 extending north from the city limits to Emerald Bay. All properties on both sides of Highway 89 extending north from Emerald Bay through Tahoma. The National Forest is still closed, and the area of Fallen Leaf Lake is still under an evacuation order.
  • WEST OMO - North of Omo Ranch Road, South of Grizzly Flat Road, East of Fairplay Road, West of Slug Gulch Road, and Omo Ranch Road.

Alpine County Evacuations

Evacuation Order:

  • Zone 19
  • Zone 20
  • Zone 21A
  • Zone 22A

Evacuation Warning:

  • Zone 23
  • Zone 21B
  • Zone 22B

Douglas County Evacuations

Evacuation Orders:

  • None

Evacuation Warnings:

  • Upper Kingsbury (North & South)
  • Central Kingsbury
  • Lower Kingsbury


Assigned Resources

Numerous firefighting air tankers from throughout the State are flying fire suppression missions as conditions allow.

Water Tenders
Air Tankers
Hand Crews
Total Personnel

Cooperating Agencies

Name Phone Address URL
El Dorado National Forest 530-303-2455 100 Forni Road Placerville California 95667
El Dorado County Sheriff's Office (530) 621-5655
Pioneer Fire District (530) 620-4444
Cooperating Agencies: El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office, Sierra Pacific Industries, Pioneer FD, PG&E, CHP, El Dorado Irrigation District, El Dorado County, Grizzly Flats Community Service District, SMUD, Amador County Sheriff’s Office, AT&T, Georgetown FD, CALTRANS, Indian Diggins School District, El Dorado County FD, Grizzly Flats Water District, Volcano Telephone, Placerville FD, El Dorado County DOT, Mosquito FD, Garden Valley FD, Cal OES Fire, El Dorado County EMSA, El Dorado County Office of Education, Marshall Medical Center, Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians FD, State Water Resources Control Board, KAMPS, El Dorado County Department of Agriculture, Barton Health, CAL EPA, Lake Valley Fire District, and Verizon