Research and development play a crucial role in advancing the application of technology and thought leadership to solving real world problems. Through research, we can identify new breakthroughs that can improve fire safety and firefighting efforts while supporting and stewarding our natural resources.

The Office of Wildfire Technology Research and Development

The Office of Wildfire Technology Research and Development was established as a permanent technology and research capability within CAL FIRE. The Office will help develop advancements and tap innovation from the public and private sectors. The office focuses on evaluating new and novel approaches to fighting wildfire. Public, private, and non-profit organizations and companies work closely with us to advance the application of technology to wildland firefighting. Guided by an advisory board, the office also plays a unique role in providing recommendations to state and local agencies on what the best and most effective technologies are available to them in the ongoing battle against wildfire. 

Below are a few current areas of focus for the Office of Wildfire Technology Research and Development.

Artificial Intelligence

AI improves wildfire suppression by detecting fires early, predicting their occurrence, guiding firefighting efforts, and aiding in post-fire analysis and restoration. It can analyze satellite imagery, weather and environmental data, and provide real-time mapping and tracking of the fire's progress. AI-powered drones can survey the area and offer information to firefighters on the ground.

Last Mile Connectivity

Last mile connectivity is crucial for effective wildland firefighting. It enables real-time data collection and analysis, allowing first responders to communicate and coordinate their efforts. This improves response times and safety, as it allows for the use of advanced technologies like sensors and drones.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT technologies can play a critical role in wildland firefighting by improving situational awareness, enhancing firefighter safety, and optimizing resource management. As the capabilities and adoption of IoT continue to grow, we can expect to see more innovative applications of this technology in the field of wildland firefighting.

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