Sometimes it is difficult to look at an organization and imagine it as anything other than what is it today. It is sometimes unsettling to acknowledge that things are not constant; that what we think we know today, what we are so sure of this very moment, may be different tomorrow. Yet is it the ability to change that makes CAL FIRE such an outstanding organization. It is change that brings new faces and experiences into our structure. And, it is change that keeps us flexible and able to adapt as the decade passes. 

In 2005 CAL FIRE celebrated 100 years of history. Throughout those years the Department experienced tremendous change. We invite you to explore CAL FIRE's history on this site. From the Air Program and Mobile Equipment, to the Conservation Camp Program and Resource Management, it has been a long and ever evolving history.

Many lives and events have shaped the history of CAL FIRE since 1905. We will continue to share that history with you on this site.