Strategic Plan Cover

Multiyear Strategic Plan

I am pleased to roll out the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. Although Chief Pimlott set the course to complete this plan during 2018, historic emergency activity pushed the completion date back. I have taken the opportunity to tailor the final version to meet Governor Newsom’s direction and my leader’s intent.

Because of the dedicated efforts of Department staff, working with Business Advantage Consulting, Inc., and gathering management insight, as well as input from CAL FIRE Units, Regions, Programs, Office of the State Fire Marshal, Board of Forestry and Fire Protection, the Underground Facilities Safe Excavation Board, and Contract County leadership, this is the most comprehensive Strategic Plan in the Department’s history.

In preparing this Plan, we reviewed, in detail, every element of the 2012 Plan and incorporated all the input we received from our consultant facilitated data gathering engagements. We reaffirmed, with minor adjustment our Mission, Vision, and Values and created a Plan that is inclusive and concise.

Our mission statement is our declaration and commitment to CAL FIRE’s core purpose and focus. This is what we do! Our vision statement indicates the transformational direction in which CAL FIRE is headed. This is where we are going! And, our values reflect the culture of CAL FIRE and how we perform our public service duties. These three parameters guide implementation and delivery of our goals.

As we implement this Plan we will concentrate and focus on four Goals under our Mission, Vision, and Values. The following Goals are equally important, and all will be acted on simultaneously:

  1. Improve our core capabilities.
  2. Enhance internal operations.
  3. Ensure health and safety.
  4. Build an engaged, motivated and innovative workforce.

Departmentwide commitment to the principals of our shared Values and Vision under the Mission will ensure the preservation of CAL FIRE culture with an eye to the future. We will maintain a nimbleness to capitalize on innovation and lead the emergency response, natural resource protection, prevention, and regulatory oversight communities.

Thank you one and all for your input and work in creation of this Plan. This is the basis of our shared consciousness and will guide CAL FIRE to a better future for employees and the citizens of California. I look forward to leading the people of the Department as we implement the Plan.

Joe Tyler 
Director and Fire Chief