Camp Cinder Logo

The mission of Camp Cinder is to provide young women a safe, dynamic, interactive and challenging environment to gain strength, knowledge, and confidence in their ability to excel in the profession of firefighting and beyond. Upon completing the camp, young women will leave with a sense of empowerment and the confidence that they can succeed in any career they choose.

The Camp Cinder Experience

Each camp includes 5 days and 4 nights of hands-on fire fighting action.

Campers will get to experience a wide range of exciting fire fighting experiences including vehicle extrication and rescue, ropes and knots, water rescue, hose movement and hose lays, ladders, helicopter operations, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses and​ Personal Protective Equipment, wildland line cutting, leadership skills, and teamwork exercises. 

All necessary equipment will be provided for the campers free of charge. 

2023 Camp Locations