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CAL FIRE offers several grant opportunities each with its own scope and funding priorities.

CAL FIRE Grant Program Updates

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COVID-19 Impacts to CAL FIRE Grant Projects FAQs: April 2, 2020



Through the California Climate Investments (CCI) Forest Health Grant Program, CAL FIRE funds projects that proactively restore forest health to reduce greenhouse gases, protect upper watersheds where the state’s water supply originates, promote the long-term storage of carbon in forest trees and soils, minimize the loss of forest carbon from large, intense wildfires, and further the goals of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32). The emphasis of the Forest Health Program is to increase the carbon stored in living trees and protect forests, fish and wildlife habitats, native plant species and water. This requires preventing epidemic tree mortality, protecting water quality in upper watersheds, and creating forests consisting of optimally spaced trees that are resilient to disturbances such as wildfire and tree mortality. Forests with these attributes will be able to store carbon for long time periods with a lower risk of loss to wildfire, insects, and disease.

Status: The grant solicitation period opened on March 10. Applications are due by 3:00 p.m. PDT on May 19, 2021.

Through the California Climate Investments (CCI) Urban & Community Forestry Grant Program, CAL FIRE works to optimize the benefits of trees and related vegetation through multiple-objective projects as specified in the California Urban Forestry Act of 1978 (Public Resources Code 4799.06-4799.12). These projects further the goals of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32), result in a net greenhouse gas benefit, and provide environmental services and cost-effective solutions to the needs of urban communities and local agencies. Co-benefits of the projects include increased water supply, clean air and water, reduced energy use, flood and storm water management, recreation, urban revitalization, improved public health, and producing useful products such as bio-fuel, clean energy, and high quality wood. 

Status: Closed. Please check back for future funding opportunities.

Through the California Climate Investments (CCI) Fire Prevention Grant Program, CAL FIRE provides funding for local projects and activities that address the risk of wildfire and reduce wildfire potential to forested and forest adjacent communities. Funded activities include hazardous fuel reduction, fire prevention planning, and fire prevention education with an emphasis on improving public health and safety while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Status: Fire Prevention Grants FY20-21 Application Cycle Closed on May 19, 2021.

California Forest Improvement Program (CFIP) program encourages private and public investment in, and improved management of, California forest lands and resources. This focus of CFIP is to ensure adequate high quality timber supplies, related employment and other economic benefits, and the protection, maintenance, and enhancement of a productive and stable forest resource system for the benefit of present and future generations. Cost-share assistance is provided to private and public ownerships containing 20 to 5,000 acres of forest land. Cost-shared activities include management planning, site preparation, tree purchase and planting, timber stand improvement, fish and wildlife habitat improvement, and land conservation practices.

A Federally-funded grant program that allows California to provide local and rural fire departments with minor firefighting, training, communications and safety equipment for their volunteer firefighters.

Status: Closed. Please check back for future funding opportunities.

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