Forest Health Grant Program

Program Intent
CAL FIRE's Forest Health Grant Program awards Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds allocated by the legislature for California Climate Investments (CCI) to implement projects that seek to:

  • Proactively restore forest health and conserve working forests.
  • Protect upper watersheds where the state's water supply originates.
  • Promote the long-term storage of carbon in forest trees and soils.
  • Minimize the loss of forest carbon from large, intense wildfires.
  • Further the goals of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32).

Project Activities
Project activities funded by CAL FIRE's Forest Health Grant Program may include:

  • Forest fuels reduction
  • Prescribed fire
  • Pest management
  • Reforestation
  • Biomass utilization
  • Conservation easements and/or land acquisition through the Forest Legacy Program
  • Research as a component, or stand-alone through the Forest Research Program


Eligible Applicants include local, state, and federal agencies including federal land management agencies; universities; special districts; Native American tribes; private forest landowners; and non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations (e.g., fire safe councils, land trusts.). 

To be eligible for funding under CAL FIRE's Forest Health Grant Program, projects must:

  • Focus on large, landscape-scale forestlands composed of one or more landowners, which may cover multiple jurisdictions. Large landscapes usually mean sub-watersheds, firesheds, or larger logical management units.
  • Maintain a net reduction of established greenhouse gas emissions levels as calculated by the California Air Resources Board's methodology and testing.
  • Be designed to ensure the project benefits are as permanent as possible.

Eligible costs include: salaries and wages, benefits, contractual costs, travel, supplies, equipment, other costs directly related to the grant project, and indirect costs. Administrative costs are limited to 12% of the total grant award (excluding equipment costs). 

Additional information about the Forest Health Grant Program can be found in the Grant Guidelines. Applications are awarded based on Grant Selection Criteria listed in that document.

Upcoming Grant Solicitations

2019/2020 Solicitation Period has closed.

Check back late August 2020, for 2020/2021 solicitation. 

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