Quail Fire

1,837 Acres






Active for 3 days  

1 County


Last Updated08/13/20 11:22 AM
Date Started06/06/20 4:36 PM
Date Contained06/10/20 7:48AM
Location InformationQuail Canyon Road and Pleasants Valley Road, Southwest of Winters
Lat/Long[38.470809, -122.038208]
Administrative UnitCALFIRE Sonoma Lake Napa Unit
CauseUnder Investigation
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Cooperating Agencies: Vacaville City FD, Vacaville FPD, Montezuma FPD, Vallejo, Suisun City FD, Suisun FPD, Fairfield FP, Dixon FD, CDCR Vacaville, Cordelia FPD, Madison FPD, Winters FD Strike teams from: Contra Costa County, Marin County, San Francisco County