Incident Update Monument Fire

6:40 PM

South Zone Information Line: (949) 433-2638

North Zone Information Line: (530) 628-0039

Incident Facts

Monument Fire
Start Date/Time
Incident Status
Del Loma, CA near Monument Peak
Administration Unit
Unified Command: CAL FIRE and Shasta Trinity National Forest
Unified Command Agency(s)
Structures Threatened
Structures Destroyed
Structures Damaged
Civilian Injuries
Firefighter Injuries
Civilian Fatalities
Firefighter Fatalities

Current Situation

Situation Summary

Current Situation:

The fire north of Junction City to Cedar Gulch crews remain in the area conducting patrol and “backhaul“ (the removal of supplies and equipment.) In the Barker Valley Road area, firefighters have cooled the majority of heat pockets near the fire line; mop-up operations and patrol are ongoing. North of Hyampom Road, hazard mitigation, snag tree removal, and mop-up continues beyond 150 feet from the fire line. Road crews have begun debris removal from the roadway and utility repairs are occurring along Hyampom Road

CAL FIRE Incident Management Team 5 is meeting daily with Trinity County Sherriff’s office, CHP, California Interagency Incident Management Team 5, assisting agencies and stakeholders to evaluate the existing evacuation warnings and orders. The goal is to safely repopulate these communities in collaboration as soon as possible.

Northern California has experienced large fire activity and will likely experience an extended fire season. Fires burning in northern California are exhibiting extreme fire growth based on critical fuel conditions. The prioritization of resources is always based on life, property, and natural resources. Under these drought conditions, wildfires are burning rapidly with extreme severity and have traveled up to 8 miles in a single day. Fire spread is fuel-driven and does not depend on wind speed, as we have seen in previous years. Firefighters are experiencing conditions never seen before, such as increased rates of spread, spotting, and active nighttime burning. We coordinate very closely with the US Forest Service and CalOES for our local and out-of-state partners, to ensure resources are shared.

Sign up for Trinity County Code Red Alerts:

Property Damage Assessment: 

For questions and information regarding the status of your property, call Trinity County Office of Emergency Services (OES) at (530) 623-1116.

Evacuation Zones

Evacuation Information:

Trinity County Evacuation Orders

Trinity County

For the latest evacuation information and road closures in Trinity County visit:


  • Forest Area: Interior of the forest boundary
  • Barker Mountain Area: North of SR3 and Hayfork Summit Rd. extending to Barker Mountain, south of the forest boundary, and west of Dutch Creek Rd.
  • North West Hayfork Area: North and east of SR 3 and Hyampom Rd., south of Farmer Ranch Rd., and west of Brady Rd.
  • South West Hayfork Area: All areas along the south side of Hyampom Road, from Nine Mile Bridge, east to Cedar Gulch Road


  • North East Hayfork Area: North of SR 3, east of Alder Gulch Dozer line to Clems Flat, south and west of Hayfork Summit Rd. North of SR 3, east of Barker Valley Rd., south of the fire’s edge, west of Alder Gulch at the Alder Gulch Dozer Line. North of SR 3, east of Big Creek Rd., south of the fire’s edge, west of Barker Valley Rd.
  • North Hayfork Area: North of Hyampom Rd. / SR 3, east of Cedar Gulch Rd., south of the fire’s edge west of Brady Rd.

Trinity County Road Closures

Trinity County Road Closures:

  • All roads inside the fire’s edge.
  • All roads at the forest boundary.
  • All roads accessed north from SR 3 / Hyampom Rd. that are west of Big Creek Rd., and east of Nine Mile Bridge
  • Hyampom Rd. at Nine Mile Bridge east to Hyampom Rd. at Cedar Creek Rd.

For the most up to date road closure information from Cal Trans, go to  

Evacuation Centers:

Trinity County Evacuation Centers:

  • Fireman’s Hall Pavilion (Humboldt County)
    9 Park Street
    Fortuna, CA 95540

  • Willow Creek Bible Church (Humboldt County)
    39 Barannan Mountain Road
    Willow Creek, CA 95573

Animal Evacuation Centers:

Trinity County Animal Evacuation Centers:

For assistance with large and small animal evacuations call: (530) 623-8126

Assigned Resources

Numerous firefighting air tankers from throughout the State are flying fire suppression missions as conditions allow.

Water Tenders
Hand Crews
Total Personnel

Cooperating Agencies

Name Phone Address URL
Shasta Trinity National Forest
Cooperating Agencies: California Highway Patrol, CalTrans, Trinity County Sheriff’s, Trinity County OES, Trinity County Public Utilities District, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, California Conservation Corps, California National Guard, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Hayfork Fire, Weaverville Fire, Junction City Fire, State of Washington, State of Arizona, State of Oklahoma, State of Alaska, State of Wisconsin, State of New Hampshire, State of Kentucky, State of Montana