Incident Update Oak Fire

7:09 PM

Incident Facts

Oak Fire
Start Date/Time
Incident Status
Hwy 140 and Carstens Rd, near Midpines
Under Investigation
Administration Unit
Unified Command: CAL FIRE Madera-Mariposa-Merced Unit and Sierra National Forest
Unified Command Agency(s)
Structures Threatened
Structures Destroyed
Structures Damaged
Civilian Injuries
Firefighter Injuries
Civilian Fatalities
Firefighter Fatalities

Current Situation

Situation Summary

Fire crews continue providing structure defense, extinguishing hot spots, and building and improving direct fire lines. Persistent drought, critically dry fuels and tree mortality continue to contribute to the fire’s spread. Humidity levels were slightly higher overnight as monsoonal moisture began to move in. Smoke from the fire is producing poor visibility to the north of the fire during the day and across the fire at night. Humidity is forecasted to begin to trend higher. Damage inspection continues within the fire perimeter.

Fire restrictions and closures near the fire area are in place on the Sierra National Forest. This closure will support public safety by keeping public members out of
hazardous burn areas and will allow firefighting resources to combat the Fire without public interference. For additional information, visit:

For an updated Smoke Outlook, please visit:

Please sign up for emergency alert notifications. Mariposa County –

Map of the area

Road Closures

• Highway 140 is closed at Highway 49 to Ponderosa Way
• Silva Road from Carlton Road to Triangle Road
• Cole Road including all side roads
• Morningstar from Carlton to Allred including all side roads
• Brooks Road

OPEN TO RESIDENTS ONLY- ID will be required to enter:
• Triangle Road from Hwy 49S to East Westfall including all side roads
• Tip Top from Triangle Road to Hwy 49S including all side roads
• Woodland Drive
• McNally Road
• Silva Road from Hwy 49S to Carlton Road including all side roads
• Boyer Road including ll side roads

Evacuation Centers

  • Mariposa Elementary School, 5044 Jones St. Mariposa

Animal Evacuation Information

  • Small Animals: Mariposa County SPCA 5599 Hwy 49 North, Mariposa (full)
  • Small Animals: Mariposa Elementary School 5044 Jones St. Mariposa (6th and Jones)
  • Large Animals: Maiposa County Fairgrounds 5007 Fairgrounds Rd. Mariposa
  • Large Animals: Coarsegold Rodeo Grounds 44777 Rodeo Grounds Ln Coarsegold

Evacuation Zones

Evacuation Information:

Evacuation Orders

• Lush Meadows north of Highway 49
• Bootjack north of Highway 49
• East of Bootjack Lane to McNally Rd
• North of Morning Star
• East of Lakeview Road / Plumbar Creek Road
• South of Highway 140
• Jerseydale
• Carlton Road from Morningstar to Silva Road including all side roads
• Triangle Road to E Westfall Road
• E Westfall Road to Oliver Creek Road
• Highway 140 from Triangle Road to Ponderosa Way
• Ponderosa Way from Hwy 140 to Feliciana Mountain Road and all side roads Sweetwater Ridge / Mine area
• Feliciana Mountain Road
• Ferguson / Apperson Mine Road area
• Savage Lundy Trail
• Hites Cove Road
• Footman Ridge area
• Devils Gulch area

Evacuation Advisement

  • Hwy 140 from Colorado Road to Grosjean Road
  • Oak Road from Hwy 140 to Yosemite Oaks
  • Yosemite Oaks Rd from East Whitlock
  • Allred Road from Morningstar to Hwy 49S
  • Carlton Road from Silva Road to Hwy 49S and all side roads
  • Indian Peak from Hwy 49S to Usona Road and all side roads
  • East Whitlock from Hwy 140 to Yosemite Oaks Road
  • Stumpfield Mountain Rd from Hwy 49S to the Madera County Line including all side roads
  • East Westfall from Oliver Creek to Chowchilla Mountain Road
  • Chowchilla Mountain Road from 49S to East Westfall
  • Ponderosa Subdivision including: All of Chowchilla Mountain Road and all side roads
  • All of Harris Cutoff Road and all side roads
  • All of Harris Rd and all side roads
  • 5S25 and 4S04
  • Hwy 49S from Chowchilla Mountain Rd to Harris Road on the (East Side)
  • Chowchilla Mountain Road side
  • Hwy 49S from Triangle Road to the Madera County Line including all side roads
  • This includes: Watt Road, Watt Road Extension, Harris Road, Kimble Road and all side roads
  • Hwy 140 from Ponderosa Way to Briceburg both side of the roads
  • Colorado from Hwy 140 to East Whitlock
  • Rancheria Creek Road
  • Davis Road
  • Wilderness View Road
  • Rumley Mine Road
  • Grosjean Road from Hwy 140 to Foran Rd including all side roads
  • Foran Road to East Whitlock
  • East Whitlock from Foran to Hwy 140 including all side roads
  • Devils Gulch to Signal Peak Area including Chowchilla Mountain Road
  • Triangle Road from Hwy 49S to East Westfall
  • Tip Top Road including all side roads
  • Boyer Road including all side roads
  • Mc Nally Road
  • Brooks Road
  • Woodland Drive
  • Darrah Road from Bootjack Lane to Quail Ridge Drive including all side roads to the fires edge
  • Cole Road including all side roads
  • Silva Road from Carleton Road to Van Ness Road
  • Carleton from Silva Rd to Indian Rock Lane including Indian Rock Lane
  • Allred Road
  • Morningstar Road including all side roads

A Fire Advisement is NOT an evacuation Order, it is simply to advise residents in the area of the potential need to evacuate should conditions change. Allowing those in the affected area to plan and prepare.

Assigned Resources

Numerous firefighting air tankers from throughout the State are flying fire suppression missions as conditions allow.

Water Tenders
Hand Crews
Total Personnel

Cooperating Agencies

Name Phone Address URL
Mariposa County Fire, CalOES, PG&E, California Highway Patrol, Bureau of Land Management, Mariposa County Public Works, North Fork Rancheria, American Red Cross, California Department of Transportation, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation