Incident Update Oak Fire

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3:34 PM

Incident Facts

Oak Fire
Start Date/Time
Incident Status
Hwy 140 and Carstens Rd, near Midpines
Under Investigation
Administration Unit
Unified Command: CAL FIRE Madera-Mariposa-Merced Unit and Sierra National Forest
Unified Command Agency(s)
Structures Threatened
Structures Destroyed
Structures Damaged
Civilian Injuries
Firefighter Injuries
Civilian Fatalities
Firefighter Fatalities

Current Situation

Situation Summary

There was minimal growth on the fire overnight. Crews continue to focus their efforts in the Devil’s Gulch area on the northeast side of the fire. Devil’s Gulch is rugged, incredibly steep and almost vertical terrain. This presents many operational challenges to firefighters. Hand crews are working a double shift to construct direct hand line in this hazardous terrain and helicopters will sling-load supplies in to support the operation. There is no uncontrolled fire growth expected in all other areas of the fire. Today temperatures will remain hot. Damage inspections continue.

PG&E is assessing assets and conducting repairs in areas where CAL FIRE has determined it is safe for crews to work. Power will be restored to customers who remain out as soon as it is possible to do so safely, and restoration depends on the extent of damage to PG&E equipment. Because of this, PG&E is unable to provide an estimated time of restoration. Of the more than 3,100 customers who were deenergized or lost power as a result of the fire, 730 remain out. The 730 who remain out are largely served by infrastructure that was directly damaged by the fire. For additional information and updates on outages, please visit PG&E’s Outage Map on, or call their Outage Information line at 1-800-743-5002.


August 1st through August 3rd, 9:00 A.M. TO 7:00 P.M at Mariposa High School Gymnasium, 5074 Old Highway N, Mariposa, CA 95338. This is a multi-agency support center to provide assistance to ANY residents impacted by the Oak Fire.

Fire restrictions and closures near the fire area are in place on the Sierra National Forest. This closure will support public safety by keeping public members out of
hazardous burn areas and will allow firefighting resources to combat the Fire without public interference. For additional information, visit:

For an updated Smoke Outlook, please visit:

Please sign up for emergency alert notifications. Mariposa County –

Map of the area

Road Closures

• Triangle Road closed at Darrah- Triangle Road can not be accessed via Darrah Road. Lushmeadows area and Triangle Road towards Hwy 140 can not be accessed.

• Silva Road & Carleton Road at Triangle Road access will be for residents only no through traffic will be allowed

• Jerseydale Road - Closed - including all side roads

• Carstens Road - Open to residents only

Evacuation Centers

  • Mariposa Elementary School, 5044 Jones St. Mariposa

Animal Evacuation Information

  • Small Animals: Mariposa County SPCA 5599 Hwy 49 North, Mariposa (full)
  • Small Animals: Mariposa Elementary School 5044 Jones St. Mariposa (6th and Jones)
  • Large Animals: Maiposa County Fairgrounds 5007 Fairgrounds Rd. Mariposa
  • Large Animals: Coarsegold Rodeo Grounds 44777 Rodeo Grounds Ln Coarsegold

Spoiled Food

• FREE Residential Spoiled Food Waste ONLY Collection Spoiled Food Waste ONLY will be collected at a Temporary Collection Sites

Saturday, 7/30/22 – Sunday, 7/31/22 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

o Bootjack Market - 3939 Bootjack Lane

o Old Lushmeadows Store Site - Meadow Lane

o Midpines Park - 6364 Hwy 140

Monday, 8/1/22 -Tuesday, 8/2/22 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM

o Bootjack Market - 3939 Bootjack Ln.

o Old Lushmeadows Store Site - 6364 Hwy 140

All other waste will NOT be accepted at this location. The Mariposa County Landfill will be open usual hours for additional items.


The Mariposa County HHSA - Environmental Health Unit is working with CalEPA and CalREcycle to help remove hazardous waste and burn debris from burned out property as a result of the Oak Fire. Property that has been partially cleared/cleaned up by individuals will NOT be eligible for thisprogram if it becomes available. More information here [http://]- If you would like to take advantage of ANY program to remove fire debris from your property, at no out of pocket cost to you, do not begin clean up. Looking for small personal items is ok. Please take precautions, because of the possibility that fire debris may contain hazardous waste products.


Although wildfire damage can be immeasurable, the danger is not over after the flames are put out. Flash flooding and debris flows, structural damage, road instability, and damaged trees are just some of the dangers that exist after a wildfire. Keep these tips in mind:

• Stay away from your home or business until fire officials tell you it is safe to return.
• Flash floods are a very real and potentially deadly hazard after a wildfire, particularly as a result of rain falling over a burned area upstream of your location. Stay away from burned forests, storm channels, and natural drainages (rivers, creeks, and engineered channels can convey deadly flows of water and debris, especially after a wildfire).
• Have a battery-powered radio to listen for emergency updates, weather forecasts,
• reports of flash flooding, and news reports.
• Have an evacuation plan in place and make sure all family members are familiar with it.
• Be aware of and use extreme caution around trees, power poles, and other tall objects or structures that may have lost stability during the fire. Most burned structures and surfaces will be unstable.
• Stay out of burned forests during windy conditions, as burned trees are easily downed by wind. Do not touch any power lines.
• Keep a “fire watch.” That means look for smoke or sparks throughout the house and on rooftops (e.g., in gutters), etc. Look for ash pits or hidden embers. Stay away – they can burn you.
• Before inspecting your home, first check for the smell of gas. Turn off power until you’ve completed your inspection. Use a battery-powered flashlight to inspect a damaged home. (Note: the flashlight should be turned on outside before entering. The battery may produce a spark that could ignite leaking gas, if present.)

• Do not drink or use water from the faucet until emergency officials say it is okay; water supply systems can be damaged and become polluted during wildfires or as a result of subsequent post-fire flooding. If your well has been damaged by fire, contact a local licensed and bonded well constructor or pump installer to determine the extent of the damage and what must be done to either repair or decommission the well.
• Discard any food that has been exposed to heat, smoke, flood waters, or soot.
• Utilities: If there is no power, check to make sure the main breaker is on. If the breakers are on and power is still not present, contact the utility company. If you have a propane tank or system, contact a propane supplier, turn off valves on the system, and leave valves closed until the supplier inspects your system. If you have a heating oil tank system, contact a heating oil supplier for an inspection of your system before you use it. If you have a solar electrical system, this system should be inspected by a licensed technician to verify that the solar panels and electrical wiring are safe for continued operation.

Evacuation Zones

Evacuation Information:

Evacuation Orders

• Carstens Rd
• Buckingham Mt. Road
• Plumbar Creek Rd
• Jerseydale Road and all side roads
• Sweetwater Ridge / Mine area
• Feliciana Mountain Rd
• Ferguson / Apperson Mine Rd area
• Savage Lundy Trail
• Carter Road Including all side roads
• Hites Cove Rd
• Footman Ridge Area
• Devils Gulch area
• Triangle Rd from Hwy 140 to Darrah Rd including all side roads


• Carstens Road

• Triangle Road from Hwy 140 to Darrah Road including all side roads

          o Carter Rd

          o Plumbar Creek Road

          o Buckingham Mountain Road

          o Memory Lane

          o Butterfly Ridge Road

          o Merrill Mill Road

Evacuation Advisement

• Stumpfield Mountain Rd from Hwy 49S to the Madera County Line including all side roads
• All of East Westfall including Smithers Rd and Old Mill Rd
• Chowchilla Mountain Rd from 49S to East Westfall
• Ponderosa Basin Subdivision including:
• All of Chowchilla Mountain Rd and all side roads
• All of Harris Cutoff Rd and all side roads
• All of Harris Rd and all side roads
• 5S25 and 4S04
• Hwy 49S from Stumpfield Mountain Road to the Madera County Line including all side roads *This includes: Watt Rd, Watt Rd Extension, Harris Rd, Kimble Rd and all side roads
• Hwy 140 from Ponderosa Way to Briceburg both side of the roads
• Devils Gulch to Signal Peak Area including Chowchilla Mountain Rd
• Tip Top Rd including all side roads
• Ponderosa Way including all side roads to the Sierra National Boundary
• Lushmeadows Subdivision - NOT INCLUDING Vista Lago and Monte Vista *Residents must use Triangle Rd from Hwy 49S to access the Lushmeadows Subdivision
• Triangle Rd from Darrah Rd to East Westfall
• All Hwy 140 addresses including Cobey Ln
• Vista Lago Lane
• Monte Vista Lane


• Chowchilla Mountain Rd from 49S to East Westfall
• Ponderosa Basin Subdivision including:
          All of Chowchilla Mountain Rd and all side roads
          All of Harris Cutoff Rd and all side roads
          All of Harris Rd and all side roads
• 5S25 and 4S04
• Hwy 140 from Ponderosa Way to Briceburg both side of the roads
• Devils Gulch to Signal Peak Area including Chowchilla Mountain Rd
• Silva Road from Van Ness to Triangle

• Darrah Road from Deer Springs to Triangle
• Ponderosa Way including all side roads to the Sierra National Boundary
• Vista Lago Lane
• Monte Vista Lane



• Ponderosa Basin- Not Including Standard Mill Rd

• Silva Road

• Carleton Road

• Darrah Road

• East Westfall Road - Not including Smithers Road or Old Mill Road 

Assigned Resources

Numerous firefighting air tankers from throughout the State are flying fire suppression missions as conditions allow.

Water Tenders
Hand Crews
Total Personnel

Cooperating Agencies

Name Phone Address URL
Cooperating Agencies: Mariposa County, CalOES, PG&E, California Highway Patrol, Bureau of Land Management, North Fork Rancheria, Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation, Picayune Rancheria of Chuckchansi Indians, North Fork Mono Indians, American Red Cross, California Department of Transportation, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, California Conservation Corps, Central California Animal Disaster Team, Yosemite National Park, Mariposa Public Utilities District, Merced-Mariposa Cattleman’s Association.