As a Communications Operator you will dispatch CAL FIRE emergency response equipment and law enforcement units, be the first contact the public has with CAL FIRE emergency responders, gather critical information about an emergency from the public, and help bring calm during an emergency situation, all while creating opportunities for your own career growth. Salary ranges from $48,000 to $74,796 per year in addition to benefits, paid time off, and much more!


Communications Operator Info and Qualifications

On the Job:
CAL FIRE Communications Operator‘s duties may include answering and processing 9-1-1 calls, providing Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) services and pre-arrival instructions, and dispatching emergency resources, including aircraft. Other duties include operating multi-frequency/channel radio telephone systems, filling out dispatch logs or typing entries into computer terminals; receiving and transmitting reports of incidents and requests for assistance; answering telephone requests for information; relaying calls for emergency services vehicles, other law enforcement agencies, or other assistance requested by field units. Depending on circumstances extended shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays, may be required in this position.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education: Equivalent to completion of the 12th grade and

Either I

Experience: Six months of experience in the California state service performing the duties of a Dispatcher-Clerk.


Experience: One year of experience in dispatching work involving the operation of radio communications equipment/systems.


Experience: Two years of experience involving a substantial amount of direct and telephone contact with the public and the responsibility to perform numerous tasks simultaneously.

Special Requirements: Incumbents must be able to work under stress and maintain composure; follow instructions precisely; listen and translate what is heard into the appropriate action; speak English over the telephone quickly and be easily understood; adapt quickly to a variety of situations; act in an emergency situation; write rapidly and legibly; perform several functions simultaneously; hear in the presence of significant background noise; read and comprehend at the level required for the job; determine officer‘s welfare from voice inflection; establish priorities and take appropriate action; extract critical information from incoming calls; recall a variety of situations and retain information; anticipate the officer‘s need for assistance; type; operate and monitor a multitude of frequencies and a variety of highly technical communication systems and equipment.


Apply by 9/27/2022


18 years of age.


Online, by mail, or in person.


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