Fire Reports

CAL FIRE Fire Investigation Reports, Accident Investigation Reports, Green Sheets, Red Books and Incident Reporting Collection documents are no longer available online. You can request copies of these records under the Public Records Act (PRA).

To ensure accuracy in responding to a request for public records, the Department encourages all requests to be submitted in writing, including by facsimile or by electronic mail. Requests may also be made orally, by telephone or in person.

Please direct requests to:

CAL FIRE Legal Office

PO Box 944246

Sacramento, CA  94244-2460

CAL FIRE Records Center

Public Records Exempt from Disclosure. The Department may refuse to disclose records which are exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Act (see for example Government Code sections 7927.000 et seq. and 7922.000).

Guidelines for Access to Public Records: California Public Records Act (Government Code section 7920.000, et seq.)