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CalTREES is the online timber harvest permitting system that will streamline the submission and review processes for timber harvesting documents. The system is used by CAL FIRE staff and Review Team agencies (State and Regional Water Boards, Department of Fish and Wildlife, and California Geological Survey) to process and review timber harvesting documents submitted on paper or online. 

Features of CalTREES

The CalTREES system has several features that are available to the public:

  • Ability to search for timber harvesting documents and related information
  • Run reports online and get the most up to date information

If you register for an account in CalTREES, there are more features available, such as:

  • Submission of Notification Requests to receive email notification about timber harvesting documents
  • Ability to submit Public Comments online
  • Registered Professional Foresters, Licensed Timber Operators, and Landowners have the capability to electronically submit, track, and update Emergency and Exemption timber harvesting documents

Benefits of CalTREES

  • Easy-to-use timber harvesting forms, including reminders for RPFs, LTOs, and Landowners of regulatory requirements while entering their information
  • Easy-to-follow processes for submitting and reviewing timber harvest documents
  • Ability for public to request automatic notifications based on selected criteria (e.g., County, Watershed, Legal Description, Notice of Submission, Notice of Filing)
  • Better accountability of review timelines
  • Efficient collaboration for Review Team Agencies
  • Reduce the amount of manual, paper-based processes
  • Electronic notifications and two-way communication between the State and document/plan submitters
  • Search and review of timber harvesting documents and related information
  • Streamline monitoring efforts
  • Replace outdated, 20+ year old technology

Online Submission of Emergency and Exemption Notices

Online submission of Emergency and Exemption harvesting documents is available in CalTREES.  The system is designed to guide you through the online submission process.  CalTREES will indicate required fields on each form and provide you with reminders about regulatory requirements.  Navigate to the user guide and training video in the Training Materials section of this page to view all of the CalTREES features.  

Visit the CalTREES website to sign up for your CalTREES account. If you are a RPF, you should have received additional information regarding the online submission process.  Please contact the CalTREES Help Desk at or (916) 704-7579 with any questions.

Please Note: Emergency and Exemption Notices will still be accepted via paper submission to the Review Team offices listed in the Questions/Support on this webpage.  

Revised Timber Harvesting Forms

To improve efficiency, CAL FIRE has released revised CalTREES forms that both conform with the Forest Practice Act and Rules and align with the new CalTREES software. To view the revised forms, please visit the Timber Harvesting Forms page

Additional information about Licensed Timber Operators

Use this link to access additional information about Licensed Timber Operators:

CalTREES Events

There are many opportunities to learn about CalTREES. Our project team has been working diligently to spread the word about the new system, help understand how it works, and demonstrate what it can do for you. Contact the CalTREES Support Desk at if you or your organization would like to host a group training session or live demonstration of CalTREES. Join the CNRA_AB1492 email list to receive notifications about upcoming CalTREES events and training sessions.


Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), or contact one of the following resources, based on the type of assistance you require.

For technical questions about the CalTREES online system, please contact the CalTREES Help Desk at or (916) 704-7579.

For any other questions about the Forest Practice Program or timber harvesting in general, contact the Regional Office nearest your location.

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CalTREES Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)