Resource Protection & Improvement

The objective of this program is to protect and improve forest lands and urban forests. This is achieved through distinct programs across many disciplines that work in collaboration to detect, evaluate and control forest pests, reforest wildlands after catastrophic events, support forest landowner management and conservation, demonstrate sustainable forestry practices, improve urban forests and protect the environment.

It is the responsibility of Resource Protection and Improvement to ensure the implementation of legislative mandates: the California Forest Improvement Act of 1978; the California Urban Forestry Act of 1978, and the California Forest Legacy Act of 2008. Activities associated with these mandates include, improvement of forest resources on private timberlands, technical assistance and grants to foster the environmental, social, and economic benefits of the state’s forests and the purchase and monitoring of working forest conservation easements.

Vegetation management assistance is provided to public and private landowners to help achieve land use objectives by reducing damage from wildland fires, increasing wildlife habitat, increasing productivity of forest and rangelands, improving water yields and air quality, reducing carbon emissions from wildland fires, increasing firefighter safety, and maintaining desirable ecosystems.

CAL FIRE cooperates with federal, state and local agencies, community-based organizations and private property owners to develop and achieve land use objectives. Activities include removal, rearrangement, conversion, or improvement of vegetation using various treatment measures such as prescribed fire and mechanical, manual, and biological methods.

The Environmental Protection Program provides in-house expertise and oversight of the Department's compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act, the National Environmental Policy Act and other environmental laws and regulations applicable to departmental actions.

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