Established: 1949
Area: 9,033 acres
Elevation: 3,800 to 6,740 ft.
Precipitation: 46 inches per year
Temperature: Max: 90 F - Min: 30 F

This property became a state forest in 1946 when the State Lands Commission deeded the property to the then California Division of Forestry. It is located in Shasta County south of Burney and east of Redding at the edge of the Lassen National Forest. LaTour forest contains many interesting volcanic and glacial geological features.

The forest supports 10 coniferous tree species of commercial value. These are sugar, ponderosa, Jeffrey, western white and lodge-pole pine, Douglas-fir, white and red fir incense cedar and mountain hemlock. The stands contain lesser amounts of hardwood trees, such as California black and canyon live oak, big leaf maple and red alder.

As part of the Cascade Range, the area is popular with hikers, bicyclists, snowmobilers, and equestrian groups. Hunting and fishing may be enjoyed in season and in accordance with the Department of Fish and Game laws.

Normally, the forest is accessible to vehicles from late June until November. Winter and spring months are often a time of high winds, deep snow, and extreme cold, making the area inaccessible to vehicle traffic except snowmobiles. Campsites include picnic tables, fire rings, restroom facilities and water is available. Pets are welcome but must be on a leash. Please keep horses out of campgrounds.

In the summer and fall, forest roads are open to public travel except when there is danger due to logging equipment. The use of scooters, carts, mountain bikes, etc., is restricted to the forest roads.

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