Forest Stewardship

California's forests provide innumerable benefits, including clean water and air, recreation, timber, habitat, and beautiful scenery. Approximately one fourth of the state's diverse forests are owned by non-industrial private landowners.

The California Forest Stewardship Program was created to encourage good stewardship of California's private forestland. The program provides technical information and assistance to landowners to promote sound forest management, and assists communities in solving forest-related issues.

A quarterly newsletter, The Forestland Steward, has information on a broad range of topics from over 20 years of publication. There are programs that offer financial and technical assistance, demonstration projects, and a landowner curriculum. The Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee, made up of representatives of diverse interests, provides direction for the Forest Stewardship Program. A full listing of past a current editions can be found at the Placer County Resource Conservation District website.

The California Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee is an advisory body for the California Stewardship Program, which is administered by the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection through the Forest Legacy Program. The committee meets quarterly to learn about forestry issues throughout the state and to make recommendations.

The Forestry and Fuel Management Committee of the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD) has taken on the responsibility of the State Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee. This committee has been active in forest stewardship issues, such as pre-fire fuels management and forest healthy, and represents such diverse interests as the Forest Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and UC Cooperative Extension; consulting foresters; forest products industry; forest landowners, land trusts, conservation and environmental organizations; and local government.

The CARCD website serves as the clearinghouse for all information associated with this committee.

A Collaborative Effort

The California Forest Stewardship Program is a collaborative project of the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) and USDA Forest Service. The Placer Resource Conservation District (RCD), UC Cooperative Extension Forestry, Northern California Society for American Foresters, Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), and many other organizations and agencies are partners in projects and programs sponsored and supported by the California Stewardship Program.

For more information, contact: Stewart McMorrow Forestry Assistance, California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection, PO Box 944246 Sacramento, CA 94244-2460.

Contact Info

Forest Stewardship Program:
Stewart McMorrow
California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection
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Forestland Steward Newsletter:
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