CAL FIRE Law Enforcement personnel are Peace Officers that may be called upon to enforce any of California's laws.  Their primary roles are to: conduct patrols, investigate fires, investigate reports of forest and fire law violations, make arrests, issue citations, conduct surveillance operations, collect and preserve evidence, and testify in court.

Our officers are fighting back against arson.

If you suspect an arson-caused fire, call our anonymous hotline 1-800-468-4408.

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Determining the Cause

Our officers interview witnesses, conduct extended investigations, issue citations, and arrest suspects to help reduce wildland fires throughout California. Our K9-Unit helps our investigators quickly and reliably determine if accelerants or explosives were present.

Civil Cost Recovery

Individuals who are determined to be responsible for a fire may be held accountable for the costs to suppress it. We pursue civil cost recovery cases where a person is allegedly responsible for the cause of a fire either through willfulness, negligence, or violation of law.

Law Enforcement Intelligence

The Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit provides the department with direct involvement and coordination with the State Threat Assessment System, along with Intelligence Community partners.  The Unit also provides for enhanced information sharing and threat analysis capabilities, while focusing on personnel safety and protection of department assets. This capability enhances the department’s ability to fulfill its mission of protecting the people and natural resources of the state.

Professional Investigations

CAL FIRE Investigators respond to fires statewide, move quickly to protect the area of origin, and utilize multiple resources and consultants to help determine the cause of an incident. Their investigation contributes to fire data collected and reported by the Department and assists our legal teams in deciding the proper course of action to help prevent future incidents from determined causes.