CAL FIRE is responsible for the protection of resources over a large portion of the state. Cultural heritage resources, which include places where past events occurred and where material traces of these events can be found, are especially vulnerable.  Such traces include archaeological, historical and tribal cultural sites, structures, objects, features, places, cultural landscapes, sacred places and artifacts. Unlike renewable resources such as trees or wildlife, heritage resources are irreplaceable, and when damaged or destroyed, are lost forever. The purpose of the CAL FIRE Cultural Resources Management Program is to identify and manage archaeological, historical, and tribal cultural resources located within project areas under CAL FIRE jurisdiction and to develop methods to protect these resources from project-related impacts. This is accomplished through regulations, policies and procedures requiring cultural resource surveys of project areas, evaluation of potential impacts, and the incorporation of protection measures before project approval. This program provides cultural resource surveys, technical assistance, project review, and training to CAL FIRE staff and other resource professionals. The legal mandates that require CAL FIRE to protect archaeological, historical and tribal cultural resources are found in the California Environmental Quality Act, the Forest Practice Rules, California Executive Order W-26-92, and the California Register of Historic Resources.

Native American and California Native American Tribal Contacts

Stephanie Velasquez

Senior State Archaeologist - Northern Region (BTU/TGU/LMU/SHU/SKU)
(530) 224-4749 (office) -- (530) 949-8822 (mobile)

Ben Harris

Associate State Archaeologist - Northern Region (MEU/LNU/CZU/SCU)
(559) 243-4119 (office) -- (707) 529-7989 (mobile)

Larrynn Carver

Senior State Archaeologist - Southern Region (BDU/RRU/MVU/Kern/Los Angeles/Santa Barbara/Ventura)
(951) 320-2075 (office) -- (951) 901-5029 (mobile)

Brian Denham

Associate State Archaeologist - Sacramento Headquarters
(916) 263-3381 (office) -- (916) 224-9207 (mobile)

Denise Ruzicka

Associate State Archaeologist - Southern Region (MMU, FKU, TUU, BEU, SLU, BDU, MVU, RRU, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Barbara, Ventura )
(559) 243-4119 (office) -- (559) 203-0864 (mobile)