Stopping wildfires before they start is one of our biggest priorities. You can help play a role.  

Our Wildfire Prevention programs

CAL FIRE crews and grantees are urgently working to prevent devastating wildfire. Track our progress reducing overgrown vegetation, which helps remove what fires need to spread or become more severe.


The intentional use of fire is one of the best tools at our disposal to manage forests and foster resilience ecosystems. Learn more about how CAL FIRE plans and controls prescribed fire. 
The Vegetation Management Program (VMP) is a cost-sharing program that focuses on the use of prescribed fire, and some mechanical means, for addressing wildland fire fuel hazards and other resource management issues on SRA lands. Private landowners can apply to contract with CAL FIRE to reduce the fire hazard on their property by creating fuel breaks.

Wildfire Prevention grants provide funds for projects in and near fire-threatened communities. Projects can support fuel reduction, wildfire prevention planning, and wildfire prevention education with an emphasis on improving public health and safety while greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

Gun safety is also fire safety. Certain ammunition and certain targets can cause excessive sparks. Prevent a wildfire while target shooting with these tips.
Are you doing the right thing—the wrong way? Use lawn mowers, weed-eaters, and other equipment safely to avoid creating sparks.
Learn how, when, and what to burn landscape debris safety. Find out when burning is allowed and get a burn permit. 
Learn about campfire safety and obtain a print-ready campfire permit. Permits are required for campfires or portable gas stoves on public lands.